EDMUNDS, WILLIAM (1827 - 1875), cleric, schoolmaster, and man of letters

Name: William Edmunds

Date of birth: 1827

Date of death: 1875

Gender : Male

Occupation: cleric, schoolmaster, and man of letters

Area of activity: Education; Literature and Writing; Religion; Scholarship and Languages

Author: David Gwenallt Jones

Born at Lampeter, Cardiganshire, christened 27 December 1827. He attended the grammar school in his native town and, at the age of 19, went to S. David’s College, Lampeter. There he won many prizes, was accounted one of the most distinguished students, and attained the highest honours. After leaving college he became vice-principal of the Normal College, Carmarthen, and was ordained by bishop Thirlwall, winning the ’ bishop’s prize.’ When the headmastership of Lampeter grammar school fell vacant he was appointed to the post and had a highly successful career. Boys came to the school from every county in Wales and, at one time, half the students at S. David’s College were his old boys — some of these won high honours at Oxford and Cambridge. In 1863 he was appointed vicar of Rhostïe, Cardiganshire, but he did not reside there. In 1856 he published a Welsh spelling book, Gwers-lyfr Llanbedr: yn Cynwys Gwersi Hawdd i Ddysgu Sillebu a Darllen Cymraeg. In 1856 also he published the 8th edition of Y Ffydd Ddiffuant (by Charles Edwards), with explanatory notes. In 1859 he read before the Cambrian Archaeological Association at Cardigan a paper ’ On some old families in the neighbourhood of Lampeter ‘; it was published in Archæologia Cambrensis in 1860 and appeared in book form in the same year. In 1854 he published with an introduction the 11th edition of Drych y Prif Oesoedd (by Theophilus Evans). He died 21 January 1875, and was buried in Lampeter parish church.