HOBLEY, WILLIAM (1858 - 1933), Calvinistic Methodist minister, and author

Name: William Hobley

Date of birth: 1858

Date of death: 1933

Parent: Ann Mary Hobley

Parent: William Hobley

Gender: Male

Occupation: Calvinistic Methodist minister, and author

Area of activity: Literature and Writing; Religion

Author: Edward Morgan Humphreys

Born at Gelli Ffrydau, Baladeulyn, Caernarfonshire, October 1858, son of William and Ann Mary Hobley. He was at two private schools in Caernarvon, kept by John Evans and by J. H. Bransby, and at fifteen entered Aberystwyth University College, where he remained for four years; he did not graduate. From Aberystwyth he went to the Bala Theological College; he was ordained in 1882 and became pastor at Buckley, Flintshire, in the same year. He was at Buckley, his only pastoral charge, for eleven years. When he resigned his charge he went to live to Caernarvon and there, or in that district, he lived for the rest of his life, devoting his time to preaching and study, in particular the study of the Christian mystics. He accumulated a considerable library and was regarded as an authority upon his chosen field; he was also widely read in other directions. He wrote some articles for Y Traethodydd and Y Geninen on Daniel Owen and on other Flintshire characters, which show keen observation and power of characterization. Between 1910 and 1924 appeared his history of Calvinistic Methodism in north Caernarvonshire (Hanes Methodistiaeth Arfon), in six volumes. His other principal work was his ‘Davies Lecture’ Athrawiaeth Cyferbyniad, 1925, a study of the mystics from Paracelsus to modern times. He died at Ceunant, near Caernarvon, 9 April 1933. He was unmarried.